Dudley Moore Little Miss Britten

Beyond the Fringe was a British comedy stage revue written and performed by Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, and Jonathan Miller. It played in London's West End and then in America, both on tou...

Rachmaninoff A Window in Time

Rachmaninoff performs his solo piano works in a spectacular new recording made on a Bosendorfer 290SE Reproducing Piano. This remarkable listening experience brings Rachmaninoff's phenomenal pianistic...

Keith Jarrett, In your quiet place, 1975

This is a solo version of a great Jarrett tune. Jarrett played it as an encore probably in Munich 1975. (He also played it as an encore during the solo concert in Paris 1975.) The original version was...

Chick Corea & Stanley Clarke Jazz in Marciac

Chick and Stanley Clarke have been musical blood brothers for more than forty years — since their earliest days in Return to Forever. This summer, they take their breathless chemistry to new territory...

Chet Baker - Chet

Chet is an album by jazz trumpeter Chet Baker recorded in December 1958 and January 1959 and released on the Riverside label.

Joe Pass & Ella Fitzgerald - Duets in Hannover 1975

This film, which opens with Pass playing alone on six wonderful tunes, was made during a European tour that took place some months before the recording of their second album as a duet, titled precisel...